What is the TSA Dashboard?

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Have you heard of the TSA dashboard?  If so you may wonder what it has to do with airport security jobs and how it works.  The TSA dashboard is an online method of searching for and applying to airport security jobs.  If you are interested in TSA employment—working with the Transportation Security Association—then the TSA dashboard is the jumping point from which you can start your new career.  Every day the TSA is responsible for screening over two million passengers in an effort to maintain public safety during travel.  There are many career opportunities which can be found online and applied for through the website.  You can work with security operations, management, technology, or law enforcement in a combined effort to protect the security of transportation.

In total, TSA employment has over fifty thousand air marshals, managers, inspectors, and security officers whose job is screening at different airport checkpoints, patrolling subways in conjunction with law enforcement officials, inspecting rail cars, and overall ensuring that all modes of transportation are safe.  You can begin working with TSA through career coaching, training, development, and still receive federal employee benefits.

If you are interested in a career with TSA you can read about the department on their official website and then search through the parts of the agency until you find the one which interests you.  There is much more to TSA than screening people before flights.  You can search through the job availabilities via www.usajobs.gov or the TSA dashboard feature on the official site for the Transportation Security Association.

There are many roles to be filled with the TSA at airports around the country.  If you work for the TSA your average annual salary will range between $25,518 and $38,277.  Once you start a career with the TSA through the TSA dashboard you are eligible for many benefits.  You get paid training when you begin.  You are allowed transportation subsidies and flexible work schedules.  You can choose from a variety of health insurance programs and you get a portable Thrift Savings Plan.  You will become part of the Employee Assistance Program, given telework opportunities, uniform allowances, ten paid holidays each year, and an employee recognition program.  You will receive a defined benefit retirement plan as well as life insurance and long term care insurance.  Lastly, you receive non-taxable money for dependent or medical expenses through the flex spending account.  So not only do you get to enjoy being part of a federal service, but you get all of the aforementioned and a unique pay scale.

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Tips for Landing TSA Employment

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If you are interested in TSA employment and airport security jobs then you should familiarize yourself with the new TSA dashboard.  Working for the TSA or Transportation Security Administration offers a variety of benefits and can lead to a great career.  The TSA uses layers of security to ensure that public transportation remains safe around the country.  With growing technology the threats to safe transport remain high and they are more sophisticated than ever.  This is why the TSA is continually developing new tools to combat threats at home and is hiring a variety of employees to handle security as well as management and technology.  You can find airport security jobs nowadays that can expound upon a variety of skills you may already have while also training you in new ones.  When you are looking for tips for landing TSA employment consider listing your skills and background first.  Figure out where you excel and where your skills could be best used.

Then go to usajobs.gov or the TSA dashboard to search for jobs.  You can conduct advanced searches and navigate through the options based on location, agency, title, keyword, or occupational number.  You can use the TSA dashboard to narrow your career searches based on the job title you want, occupation code, or vacancy announcements.  Federal jobs are grouped by numbers for easy identification.  If you can find the series you want, you can search for jobs based on that code.  You can scroll through your results until you find something you like.

Once you find airport security jobs that interest you on the TSA dashboard or usajobs.gov sites, you should click on the title to get a detailed description of the job and its requirements and then follow the application instructions.  You can use the TSA dashboard for easy log-in and searches of available jobs.  You should check your email continually as information pertaining to your applications for TSA employment can be mailed to you with additional instructions at any time.

In order to qualify for TSA employment you must have US citizenship.  You must complete a background investigation.  You must also pass a medical exam if you wish to work in a security officer position.  You must be able to read, speak, and write in English.  You have to pass alcohol and drug screening.  You must complete an aptitude test and pass a physical ability test.  The average salary for those who use the TSA Dashboard and are hired to work with the department range from $25,000 to $38,000.

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