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If you have your sights set on a career in security, joining the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) might be the right job choice for you.  There are many benefits to being part of the US Department of Homeland Security’s team of professionals protecting the nation’s mass transit systems.


  • Commitment to Career Path Support – TSA has employee programs in place to support and encourage career advancement.  An entry-level Transportation Security Officer has the opportunity to get more certifications to move into management positions up the pay scale.  Employees receive free career coaching and a career coaching newsletter.  SOAR is a TSA program offering employees a resource for the job advancement opportunities available in other departments, as well.

Homeland Security Job Study Guide

Homeland Security Job Study Guide



  • Dependable Pay ScaleThough the pay scale varies slightly from year to year, and job to job, TSA assigns each job a specific pay band.  If you’re on the security career fast-track, the TSA pay band is a dependable way to determine what pay increases could be had for specific promotions you might work toward.


  • Health BenefitsAs you would expect with a full-time US government job, the TSA offers many different health insurance packages for employees, as well as life insurance and long-term care benefits.  Flexible Spending Accounts for medical expenses are available, as well.


  • TrainingThe TSA offers many training programs for employees.  Some training is mandatory for your current position, while other training courses are for career advancement.  A company that invests time and money into educating their staff is a company that takes employee progress very seriously.  Via TSA’s Online Learning Center, employees can attend live web-based trainings in the TSA Virtual Classroom.


  • Safety FirstIn the field of security, it’s important that the security professionals themselves feel as safe at work as the service they provide to passengers and personnel.  With TSA, every employee has been through the same trainings, certifications and background checks to ensure as stable and secure a work life as possible.  Though security jobs do come with risks, TSA works hard to provide all members of their team with the same safety checks and safety precautions.


Other TSA benefits include vacation packages and ten paid holidays per year.  All these perks add up to a US government agency that takes good care of its own.  Much like with police officers and fire fighters, TSA security professionals are a tight knit group who watch out for each other.  Contact the TSA for jobs available today.

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