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Joining the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could come with some very respectable salary and benefits.  Promotions within the TSA can move an employee into a new tax bracket, as management positions tend to pay well.  Working for the US Department of Homeland Security does have its clout.  These job roles also come with tremendous responsibility, intelligence and demand a great deal of energy, too.

An entry-level job with the TSA is often that of Transportation Security Officer (TSO).  Airport security employment requires special certification for TSOs in passenger screening, baggage screening, as well as additional trainings.  These employees spend many hours on their feet, do a lot of lifting and need to always be on alert for anything suspicious.


In addition to the TSO position, there are many other TSA jobs with varying salaries and benefits to choose from.  What each position pays depends on where the job falls within the special TSA pay scale.

All TSA jobs fall somewhere within the pay scale averages listed below.  These pay averages change year to year so check directly with the TSA for updates.  Pay can also differ some by location and other specific job requirements.



Homeland Security Job Study Guide

Homeland Security Job Study Guide


TSA   Pay Scale Minimum Maximum
Pay   Scale A $17,000 $24,900
Pay   Scale B $19,500 $28,500
Pay   Scale C $22,100 $33,300
Pay   Scale D $25,500 $38,200
Pay   Scale E $29,300 $44,000
Pay   Scale F $33,600 $50,400
Pay   Scale G $39,300 $60,900
Pay   Scale H $48,000 $74,300
Pay   Scale I $58,400 $90,700
Pay   Scale J $71,300 $110,600
Pay   Scale K $85,300 $132,200
Pay   Scale L $101,900 $155,500
Pay   Scale M $120,200 $155,500


For example, a common TSO job would typically have a pay scale or “pay band” of E or F.  A Transportation Security Inspector (TSI) would probably fall under pay scale H.  A Supervisory Transportation Security Inspector would fall in the rage of pay scale K.  Check with TSA directly for current job listings and specific salaries for each position.

Job benefits with the TSA mix those received by most US government employees with some extra perks. TSA employee benefits include:

  • Career Coaching
  • Training and certification testing
  • Personal leave days
  • Paid holidays (10 total per year)
  • Vacation days based on years of service
  • Health insurance (several options)
  • Life insurance
  • Subsidies for transportation
  • Programs for employee recognition
  • Online learning center for training and web-hosted events
  • The Thrift Savings Plan, which is a program similar to the      401(k)

TSA prides itself on supporting employees through their individual career path, encouraging certifications for promotions and rewarding achievements.  Their SOAR program is another employee benefit, offering career planning and advancement within the national security field.

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